Booking terms and conditions

  • GUARANTEED booking

In case of guaranteed booking, i.e. confirmed with a credit card, a bank transfer or cash, at least the first day of accommodation is charged, and the whole stay in specific periods of time, depending on the documents obtained by the Booking Person from Hotel Automobil.
The room shall remain at the disposal of the client in the first day, irrespective of the time of arrival to start the stay.

  • NON-GUARANTEED booking

In case of non-guaranteed booking, i.e. not confirmed with a credit card, a bank transfer or cash, the room shall be booked for the Booking Person by 6:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and may be sold to any other person after this time.


In case of cancelling the stay for which the amount confirming the booking was received, the money paid is not subject to a refund.
Hotel Automobil may in this case offer the Booking Person other suitable dates of stay, corresponding with his/her needs, in accordance with the offer of free rooms.


The Client is obliged to settle the whole or the remaining amount due for the ordered accommodation on the starting day of his/her stay, immediately after arrival in the Automobil hotel, along with completing registration formalities.
The hotel reserves the right to demand payment in advance for the services ordered in the hotel.
In case of refusal on part of the Guest, the Reception Desk Employee shall be obliged to refuse distributing the key to the room.
The Reception Desk Employee is entitled to demand settlement of the receipt from the Guest earlier than at the departure, at the time when the value of unsettled obligations of the Guest against the Hotel exceeds PLN 300.

Krakow, June 2014